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241. Private Revolution – World Party


World Party

Nearly every one I know has a handful of albums that they use as “deal breakers” for their friendship possibilities. By that I mean we judge another person’s opinions based on how they feel about certain albums. If you like Carman you stand no change at getting a respectful response to your opinion on any other matter!

World Party’s debut release, Private Revolution, is one of the releases for me. Karl Wallinger, late of the Waterboys, left the band and formed World Party and released this amazing work. Forming the band was easy given that Wallinger is the sole member, responsible for nearly all vocals, instruments and songwriting.

As a member of The Waterboys he was involved with the two albums from the band that made this list. After “This Is the Sea,” Wallinger left to pursue the creation of World Party and also help young artists develop their talents. One such artist was Sinead O’Conner who would appear on the first two World Party albums as well as have Wallinger help her record her debut which came out between the release of the first two World Party albums.

The album scored two minor hits with the title track and the song, Ship of Fools, which should have been a much bigger hit! More pop sounding than The Waterboys, there is a unique influence of Euro-pop and Americana rock with a nod to Bob Dylan. The album even cover’s Dylan’s “All I Really Wanted to Do.”

Making Love (to the World) starts like something from Tears for Fears but moves a more soulful blend of The Rolling Stones and Echo and the Bunnymen. It seems so rare to have a “one man band” sound so much larger and “live.” A tribute to Wallinger’s musical gifts and sultry vocal style, the band (him) stood out amongst a world of technologically driven drivel at the time.

A bit more politically charged than the Waterboys more overtly spiritually themed content. World Party is still filled with a strong spiritual punch and lasting musical expressions.

  1. Brett C
    December 1, 2010 at 9:29 am

    All World Party albums are great and worth owning. I would also definitely add the Beatles to the influence’s for them.

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