242. Caedmon’s Call – Caedmon’s Call



Though commonly referred to as their debut album, this self-titled release was simply their national debut with some demos and independent music having been recorded previous to this. It is with this album and the following release, 40 Acres, that the band sported their strongest line-up. Derek Webb was still a few albums away from leaving (though he has returned) and Aaron Tate was still directly involved in his songwriting role.

Warner Brothers Records had started a Gospel imprint and distribution arm call Warner-Alliance. It was short-lived but it was responsible for release of this great album. Filled with great folk influenced rock and great radio ready single, the band became an overwhelming success.

Caedmon’s was an anomaly in CCM with its strong, creative and intelligent lyrical content  not slowing down their success, though it would be a Rich Mullins cover that would become their first huge hit. Hope to carry On became a monster radio hit and the album sales increased and other singles followed with the same general success.

The Aaron Tate penned Lead of Love would become the first self-written song to top the charts for the band. The relationship with the band and Tate was interesting. Though never a musical or vocal member, he was listed as a band member because of his strong songwriting influence. many of the great early hits for the band were Tate tunes including; Lead of Love, Not Enough, Coming Home as well as many of the follow-up. After Tate’s departure many argued the songwriting took a hit though Webb’s input increased and was a real positive for the band.

The album is so uniquely strong that now over 10 years later many songs continue to be in concert favorites, seldom dropping from their playlist. Songs like This World, Lead of Love, Hope to Carry On and Coming Home remain favorites.

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