245. Homeboys – Adam Again


Adam Again

When a band with only five studio releases is able to have four placed on a list like this, it says something about the band that is beyond impressive. And the thing is, I am not a huge Adam Again fan stylistically, but utterly recognize the Gene Eugene Andrusco and crew created some of the most impressive music ever recorded over that very short five album career. And i don’t just mean the most impressive music ever recorded in CCM…but anywhere!

The title track kicks off things with such an unforgettable groove and some impressive and memorable lyrics. Eugene’s is master storyteller here and anyone who remembers their youth and childhood will find something here to reflect upon. The loss of friendship and innocence is difficult and real.

Obviously raised with a love for blues, R&B and cool funk/soul, Eugene was able to capture those grooves and place them firmly into the heart of alternative music. Often compared vocally to Michael Stipe and, in the early days, musically to The talking heads, on Homeboys there is more jazz, funk and heavier rock influences than either of those comparisons.

Very few bands with the above comparisons and influences would be able to create a song like “Hide Away.” Mellow without ever being soft there is something more Van Morrison like here and it is utterly brilliant with a perfectly included violin accompaniment.

The vocal passion in the album’s closer, No Regrets, again points to why this band was so amazing. Eugene and then wife, Riki Michelle, join forces here to bring the message home. The most auto-biographical record for Eugene, Homeboys is a classic along with two more that will follow.

  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    November 22, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    I can’t think of 244 albums I like better than this one…..Christian or otherwise. Glad you have most of Gene’s output in the countdown, though.

  2. December 10, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    20 years later this record is still relevant today. This one album I have had to purchase twice because of the wear and tear on my fist one.

  3. John Rodermond
    March 18, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Yup. You said it: groove – “unforgettable groove and some impressive and memorable lyrics.”

    Both “News on the Radio” and “Inner City Blues” make me squint my eyes just so and shake my head ever so slightly like I’m some kind of jazz aficiando. I can’t help it. The groove is simply infectious.

    He really was a masterful storyteller. And here is an example of a project where Gene finds his words and the songs are richer for the compelling stories they convey.

    Like you said, Adam Again produced some of the most impressive music EVER.

    If only.

    If only we could have had more.
    But as Gene said,

    “The hardest thing I’m learning about my regrets is
    Though I cannot do anything again, anything at all
    Today I could have, I should have made that call
    I should have made that call”

    Thanks for making THIS call Gene.

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