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228. My Poor Generation – The All Saved Freak Band


The All Saved Freak Band

Described as a collection of dysfunctional misfits with musical taste ranging from psychedelic hillbilly soul and zydeco influenced reefer garage rock. Harpsichord, dulcimer, piano, woodwinds and the amazing Glenn Schwartz on guitar. Schwartz was late of Pacific Gas & Electric and could play with the best of them. But despite his name headlining the marquee, the band was really the brainchild of controversial hippy-Pastor Larry Hill and Joe Markko.

This is about as essential “Jesus Music” as has ever been released. It not only is great artistic achievement, it so defines a generation musically and ministerially that any true fan or historian of Jesus Music can not be without this classic album. Classic rocki and classical music fuse with violin, cello and other orchestral instruments taking center stage in a band that comprised anywhere from 10 to 14 members at any given time. As much a community as rock band.

The opening track, Elder White is reminiscent of the bluesier side of CCR. The song never kicks in to a full fledged rocker and that is what is so compelling. The listening keeps waiting for the big chorus that never comes, just a plodding, mesmerizing blues tune tribute to the civil rights movement.

“Great Victory” is a boogie blues tune that shows off Schwartz’s guitar work. His ability to stay within the vibe of a song while simultaneously taking over is unparalleled. There was no fear of “jamming” too much here and Schwartz is more than up to the task. I would have loved to seen this live to experience what I’m sure was a Grateful Dead time jam experience. The same can be said for the rollicking “Daughter of Zion.”

The band and the community remained recluse and controversial during their decade of music and ministry. Schwartz’s family kidnapped him in an attempt to “deprogram” him and pull him out of what they considered a cult. The intervention failed and Schwartz returned to the band in time to record the album, “Brainwashed.” Many consider “Brainwashed” one of the finest works in Jesus Music history and quite rare.

A quick google of the band will find one immersed in the rich and relatively unknown history of Jesus Music. One can also read of the tragedy and controversy surrounding this amazing band, a collection of misfits that somehow formed one of the great Jesus Music bands of the 1970’s.

  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    November 30, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    May the Schawrtz be with you! Glenn came of age in the same Youngstown Ohio scene that gave us Joe Walsh and Phil Keaggy. Must have been something in the water.

  2. saskriders1
    September 24, 2014 at 1:49 am

    I have a 1 of a kind price of history from this band. If anyone is a collector, get in touch with me at jasonrcmp@hotmail.com

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