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225. The Warrior is a Child – Twila Paris


Twila Paris

It is not very often that an artist has the privilege of writing and recording a song that would one day be considered a classic. Even less often does that same artist write and record two or three such songs. Almost never do those three songs all appear on one album.

After a sweet but neglected debut release, Knowing You’re Around, Twila released the popular Keepin’ My Eyes On You in 1982. That album showed the promise that would be realized on The Warrior is a Child. The album would contain several Top 10 singles and a few Number One singles.

The most notable is the title track which went on to win several awards, own the radio charts and be the definitive song for an artist that has recorded over 20 albums and charted over 30 number one singles! Many songs have been added to recent editions of Church Hymnals while others have become modern worship classic.

“Do I Trust You,” written after the death of Keith Green remained a radio favorite for years and one of the top selling accompany tapes ever sold. The beautiful and memorable melody has been added to hymnals and worship playlists. The song of God’s sovereignty has hit home with millions as a reminder of God’s role in our lives, even and especially during the difficult times.

“We Bow Down” has also found it’s way into many modern hymnals and remains one of the most popular praise and worship songs of all time. It’s important to note that she was writing “pop” music for the masses that became worship classics well before the modern worship phenomenon.

Very few MOR/Inspo albums have made there way on to this list, but one must recognize that when someone excels even in an area or style that is not a personal favorite, there is deserved recognition. Such is the case here as The Warrior is a Child remains a classic for the genre and genuinely great album with lasting impact and implications.

  1. Liz
    March 29, 2011 at 1:49 am

    She is one of the best. Her album, “Bedtime prayers: lullabies and peaceful worship” is one of the sweetest albums I have ever heard. It was released in 2001, so I always played it to put my little guy to sleep. đŸ™‚

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