215. Third Day – Third Day

THIRD DAY (1996)

Third Day

While working for Diamante Distribution in the mid-90’s I attended a sales conference in which Grey Dot Records was presenting some new releases for the upcoming quarter. At the end of the presentation they loaded the whole team up and took us to a concert hall a few miles away from the hotel. We were told they were waiting to present their “big release” later that night.

What we actually went to was an album release party for Gray Dot’s newest signing, Third Day. The album had been out for a while independently and we were going to finally have the chance to distribute it nationally. The band rocked the house and entire staff was beyond excited about having our next big release to promote.

A few weeks later we were told the band had signed to Reunion Records and that the album would not be released through us!

Despite that I still find it to be one of the greatest debut album in Christian rock annals and remains a favorite. There are just so many great songs on this one project and the production is huge and beefy. The guitars are not hidden and there appeared to be no fear at rocking without being “metal.” The CCM buying responded favorably and made it an instant hit, eventually reaching gold status.

Even mainstream radio responded favorably by making “Nothing At All” a Top 40 hit. But the album is filled with hits in their southern fried rock meets Pearl Jam meets Hootie and the Blowfish style. The latter qualifier is not as prevalent on this release as it is on others though the vocal similarities sometimes will swerve that way.

Consuming Fire, Thief, Forever and Mama are all rockers that retain their freshness over the years. There are some strong ballads as well as Praise Song, a song that would hint to the bands future popularity in the modern worship circles. It should be noted that Worship has always been a major part of the bands concerts and does not appear to be the money grab other artists may be accused of.

  1. Greenchili
    March 8, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Third Day is one of the first groups to turn me onto “southern fried rock”. I would also have to say that as much as I despise the current “worship music” craze that Third Day pretty much worked their way naturally into it and were one of the better groups in that regard. But I’ll take their “southern fried rock” style any day.

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