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200. Brow Beat – Various Artists

BROW BEAT (1993)

Various Artists

Every once in a while a “marketing guy’s” money grab idea turns out to be a stroke of genius!

There are only a handful of “Various Artists” releases to make this list as “compilations, like “Best Of” albums are just not original works worthy of consideration. But in those few rare exceptions when a concept creates a project of primarily new and original music, those album are worthy for inclusion

One of the finest and most unique of those type albums is Brow Beat: Unplugged Alternative. A collection of “acoustic” (unplugged) music by the leading voices of christian alternative music at the time. More than just taking a popular tune from each artists catalog the artists recorded brand new music that, in some cases, would end up later on their own projects.

Everyone included is an artist of note and the departure for some int he world of acoustic music made this exercise incredibly compelling. Most notable is Mortals “Bleeder.” A band noted for hard industrial music paring down to acoustic instruments and more stark and human sounding vocals was a revelation.

Some artist found the transition an easy fit as their music translates easily into the genre. The Choir, Michael Knott, The Lost Dogs and Terry Scott Taylor all had shown an adept ability to create incredible acoustic music.

Others made the transition with much more effort and the effort paid off beautifully. Undercover, Adam Again and even Dig Hay Zoose created memorable, unique and compelling acoustic music.

There was a follow up that made the mistake of trying to move into a more “Acoustic Alternative Worship” sound and did not have this albums original, creative passion.

  1. Kit
    November 30, 2011 at 1:33 am

    This is a wonderful collection of songs. The Choir, Poor Old Lu, Terry Taylor, DigHayZoose, Mortal, Mike Knott, Undercover, and Adam Again all contributed quality songwriting.

    Also, wasn’t this compilation meant to benefit Mike Knott in some way? There was even a lyric in the DigHayZoose song that says “…all is for Knott”.

  2. y2daddy
    February 2, 2012 at 1:34 am

    Deaf and Dumb is Michael Knott’s best song ever, and my second favorite song of all time (oh, if Ashley Cleveland had just not recorded the song Rebecca….)

  3. John Gordon
    March 3, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    Ummm…the follow-up was NOT a “worship” record at all. It was all rock, and all written by Knott.
    You might be thinking of Alternative Worship: Prayers, Petitions, & Praise. It featured Knott, TS Taylor, and Gene Eugene

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