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199. candycoatedwaterdrops – Plumb

candycoatedwaterdrops (1999)


If ever a band/artist was ever primed to be able to make the leap from the CCM market to mainstream music success, it was Plumb. Killer songs, great production, strong distribution, radio success, a label with previous mainstream success (Jars of Clay) and a great front person with charisma and appeal (sex appeal?)

Several songs from this album made there way onto movie soundtracks, television shows and even Top 40 radio. But for some reason, it simply never popped. And it is the music industry’s loss. And despite that this album remains a brilliant work of pop/alternative music that sounds just as fresh today over a decade later.

After a “heavier-then-the-rest-of-the-album” intro with “Late Great Planet Earth,” the album finds it’s musical core with a more acoustic drive alternative groove with songs like Stranded, Here With Me and Phobic. “Stranded” had the makings of a mega-hit, and actually was a decent hit for Jennifer Paige. The song also found its way onto a few movie soundtracks and trailers.

Damaged would make the strongest emotional impact, written by lead vocalists Tiffany Lee Arbuckle’s regarding the real struggles with dealing with abuse as a child. The song resonated with fans, especially young girls who experienced the same trauma. Tiffany has recounted a story that in 2000 she was considering getting out of the music business and after performing what she believed was her last concert received a note from a young girl about how the song saved her life. Plumb decided to stay in music.

Lie Low is a personal favorite that, like Stranded, really should have made waves on Top 40 radio. God-Shaped Hole borrows the imagery from St. Augustine that man was born with a God-shaped hole that only God can fill.

The album went on to win the Dover award for Rock Album of the Year and should have catapulted the band into monstrous success. And though Tiffany continued her career as a solo artist no album was able to match the success and artistic heights of ccwd. This is simply one of those albums that one never tires of and deserves the repeated listening.

  1. Shawnuel
    January 8, 2011 at 7:27 am

    Plumb’s version of “God Shaped Hole” showed up in “Bruce Almighty”.

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