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181. Ph’lip Side – Phil Keaggy

PH’LIP SIDE (1980)

Phil Keaggy

Though not ranked among his best by critics over the years, Ph’lip Side remains a personal and fan favorite for several reasons. One is that even though it doesn’t contain contain Keaggy’s best writing and guitar playing, it does contain several songs that are simply amazing. Really it’s an album that contains a few songs that are so compelling and powerful that even though it is not his most cohesive project, it remains one of his most loved and cherished.

Each side of the album features either an acoustic or an electric tune. The side corresponds with the creative cover that lists the songs as Keaggy appears either with an electric or acoustic guitar. Both sides contain great songs and many are worth noting here.

The “rock” side kicks off with :Just a Moment Away” and shows the normal Keaggy guitar style. But it would be Sunday School that most remember. A rare excursion into the blues, Keaggy shows here the need for the artist to do an entire blues project!

In a real rarity, though, it is the acoustic side that really shines. A Child, Spend My Life With You and In Your Keep all shine and show Keaggy’s mastery of the acoustic instrument. But it is “Little Ones” that makes the album go from being great to being a borderline classic. It remains the very best song about abortion written by a Christian artists as it is both an apologetic for the sanctity of life and a call for the church to repent and remember her to to protect the lives of the unborn. I challenge anyone not to be driven to tears upon first listen.

The great songs are so very, very good, that they lift the overall album from being a good album to a fantastic one and a necessary one in all CCM fans collections.

  1. Ted Patterson
    February 17, 2011 at 1:34 am

    This one also had two versions…one with ” In your keep” and one without.

  2. Brian
    February 22, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    This was the second Christian album I ever heard in my life.
    For that reason alone it my favorite Keaggy album.
    When I heard “Just A Moment Away” I was hooked.
    I still contend Phil is better experienced “live” than on any studio project.

    He attended the first Night of Joy concert at Disney world and I was amazed that his nine fingers could just touch the strings (and it looked like he just was doing some crazy motions) and this most amazing sound came out.

    I will never forget it.

    That is why it is my favorite.

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