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187. What Are You Waiting For – FM Static


FM Static

Created as a side project for Thousand Foot Krutch front-man Trevor McNevan to satify his “pop/punk” tendencies that did not fit the TFK musical direction, FM Static debuted with the quintessential punk album. Combining ridiculously memorable hooks and teen (pre-teen) wanna-be angst, every song is perfect description of what is right in punk rock. Fun and sly at the same time. Never taking itself too seriously while remaining serious about the product created.

The debut for TFK (Set It Off) combined the rap/core, nu metal as the bands trademark sound, but also contained a few straight ahead punk rocks songs that were simply fantastic, but sorely out of place. FM Static would be the resting ground for those songs. But what was once a side project has now become a full fledged successful act.

The youthful expression shows itself throughout the entire project’s focus on teen love and loss. What makes the project continually listenable is McNevan’s fearless twist of terms, popular references and constant ploy of playing the boy that never gets the girl because he’s such a “good friend.” That plays well to the every boy between 12 and 20 and any boy that has ever been between 12 and 20.

The album’s highlight is “Definitely Maybe,” and the song epitomizes the above description. McNevan cries out to no one in particular:

And she’s staring at his picture hanging in her locker,
She’s telling all the girls about all the things that he bought her.
I saw what really happened all those time he went for water,
When we were at the movie theatre
Watching Harry Potter.
He had his hands on
Every single girl he laid his eyes on.
Hate to break it to ya,
He’s a pylon.
And even when he kissed her,
He was looking over staring at her sister.

This is admittedly a guilty pleasure and though following albums were solid, often thematic, they have yet to reach the sheer joyful, youthful exuberance of the debut.

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