189. Take 6 – Take 6

TAKE 6 (1988)

Take 6

A Capella

And a capella done better than anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

This is about a perfect album as one can create within the given genre. Arrangements are stellar, the songs are wonderful and vocals are simply out of this world. There is never a single moment in which the listener misses musical instruments. Combining soul, jazz, Gospel and R&B into a perfect vocal delicacy.

Take 6 has so mastered their vocal delivery and arrangements so consistently over the years they have managed to acquire a Grammy Award for every member of the group, plus one. They have worked with everyone from Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston to kd Land and Don Henley. They have never left their Gospel roots and have consistently maintained a Gospel lyric despite the immense mainstream success.

This debut was a revelation and introduced thousands to a vocal style that many would have never embraced previously. The songs were so well crafted and immediately likable that fans of diverse genres gravitated to the album. Combining traditional Gospel favorites with contemporary jazz and soul the group created something that the likes of Boys to men could only hope to emulate.

There are very few albums that one should own even if it not in the listener’s “wheel house” of musical interests, but this one certainly qualifies. Brilliant from first to last.

  1. Greenchili
    March 9, 2011 at 7:03 am

    A guy at one of my old job used to play this album alot when it first came out he liked it so much.

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