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172. Knock Breathe Shine – Jacob’s Trouble


Jacob’s Trouble

The second release from Jacob’s Trouble was also the one most clearly influenced by producer Terry Scott Taylor, and in a very good way. Of the three “retro” sounding albums in the JT catalog it remains the strongest and most consistent. Strong from start to finish and filled with very memorable hits. Wisely chosen covers, some help from a few legends and some brilliant original material combined for a wonderful project.

The first two cuts (Look at U Now & Little Red Words) were co-written by Terry Scott Taylor and Randy Stonehill, respectively. Both received a good amount of Christian rock radio airplay. The cover of Bob Dylan’s “I Believe In You” is nicely paced not to sound too much like the original while keeping the strong contemplative feel of the original.

These more stroight ahead classic acoustic rock numbers are interspersed by great originals like Dreamaker, Further up & Further In (taken from CS Lewis’ The Final Battle), There Goes My Heart Again and the semi-controversial, “About Sex Part 2.” Taylor’s influence can be felt throughout both musically and creatively.

The album’s closer should have been a hit. A huge it! And it was. Unfortunately for the band “These Thousand Hills” would become a hit for Third Day when the band covered it several years later.

  1. February 11, 2011 at 3:49 am

    This is a classic! “Mr. Hitler” is still one of my all time favorite examples of satire in Christian music! Terry Scott Taylor definitely took a page out of Steve Taylor’s book on that one!

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