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168. Weapons of Our Warfare – Deliverance



Following hot on the heels of Frank Peretti’s immensely popular books (This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness) speed/thrash metal band, Deliverance, unleashed a spiritual warfare themed album that would prove to only be the Magnum Opus for the band, but for the genre as a whole. Literate, compelling, intense and brilliantly conceived and performed, Weapons are Our Warfare has proven to be one of the best the genre ever produced.

From a brilliant cover to the frenetic guitar work, there are very few complaints someone can make about this album. Starting with a reading for the Bible regarding the “weapons of our warfare” over an ominous instrumental intro, the band quickly unleashed the fury of their performance with the inspired “This Present Darkness.”

The title track combines the best of the intricate rhythm guitar work of  James Brown with very ferocious and stylized lead work by former Recon axeman George Ochoa. Frontline actually spent a few pennies on the video for the title track and it paid off with more than a few showings on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. Lars Ulrich of Metallic lists the song amongst his all time favorites.

The album sold quite well by industry standards and moved Deliverance out of the underground and into a more mainstream metal world for christian music. The band would over the next few albums integrate more alternative influences (a al Metallica) but would never match the overall power, punch and success of weapons.  The album remains one of the very few from that era that i still listen regularly.

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