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162. Psycho Surgery – Tourniquet



Tourniquet’s “Psycho Surgery” may not be the best Christian metal album of all time, but if not, it runs a VERY close second. Sporting the best line-up for the band with and the line-up most closely associated with the band’s best years, Psycho Surgery is a flawless tour de force of thrash metal from the early 90’s.

The high pitched screams of Guy Ritter’s vocals is replaced with a more guttural rock attack while the rest of the band combines the best of classical speed metal with the thrash metal of the day. Fast, intricate and precise. Here the band also infuses more of classical music into it’s ferocious attack, including the intro which sounds like an orachestra warming up.

But it is the lyrical content that has always set the band apart. The constant theme of medical terminology relating to spiritual truths reaches a climax on this album as drummer ted Kirkpatrick’s history in the medical field comes in handy. A Phsychosurgery (one word is proper and is used on the later re-release of the album) is related to the failed history of frontal lobotomies in the medical world and the band relates those failures to the human condition.

The band could take very universal and simple topics and make them sound totally different using intense and technical terminology. Almost a reverse of most writers whose goal it is to simplify the complex. Songs range from abuse (Dysfunctional Domicile) to the world and church’s response to the handicapped (Broken Chromosomes).

Though a Frontline Records band, this album was also distributed by Metal Blade records and the mainstream market took notice. Utterly original and musically intricate and captivating the band maintained a level of quality few others ever reached.

  1. Greenchili
    January 15, 2013 at 6:50 am

    First time I heard this I did not really like it. But listening to it now.. it really rocks..

  2. Brent Johnson
    May 9, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    Second greatest album in christian metal, first being Pathogenic Occular Dissonance.

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