152. Seeds – Barry McGuire

SEEDS (1973)

Barry McGuire

After a chance meeting with traveling evangelist Arthur Blessit in 1971 led to a conversion to Christianity for folk/rock singer Barry McGuire, the young Christian signed with heavyweight label Myrrh to record a series of popular albums. The first two made this list and the debut is discussed here.

As a member of the New Christy Minstrels McGuire scored several hits, but soon left to start a solo career. He recorded several solo albums before his conversion, but it was the one with the most ominous and spiritual theme that resonated with audiences. “Eve of Destruction” was hit both as an album and as a single, reaching the coveted number spot on Billboard. But the fame was short lived and following albums never met the same level of response.

Seeds was his debut in the Christian market and was greeted warmly was very positive responses outside of the normal “devil’s music” complaints from the same tired circles. One song in particular became a mini anthem for the Jesus Movement. “Enter In” tells the story of three different people on judgment day and the Lord’s response to them. The memorable chorus and rollicking melody made it an instant favorite of youth groups at the time.

Oddly enough McGuire’s music became less and less current after his first two projects. His first two were right in line with the folk and early 70’s rock for the time. Michael Omartian, 2nd Chapter of Acts and a young Howard McCreary all lend support on the project. Buck Herring produced and they created a true gem.

The common themes of the rapture, evangelism and retelling of popular Bible stories fill the albums content. But it’s a much more joyful McGuire the expresses these themes than the one who recorded “Eve of Destruction.” The previous brooding singer-songwriter would reappear in “Lighten Up” but here on Seeds it’s all about the joy of the Lord in a new believer.


  1. Denise Dallow
    August 29, 2011 at 2:04 am

    Can I purchase this album as a download or on CD?

    Thanks, Denise

    • low5point
      August 30, 2011 at 7:17 pm

      Barry has all his stuff available on CD at his website

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