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136. The One and Only – Plankeye



After releasing the impressive Commonwealth album and touring non-stop with CCM heavyweights Newsboys, Plankeye entered the studio and returned with a much more polished pop album than anyone probably expected. This was a long way from Spill and Spark with their grungy punk and aggressive musical attack. Here is a bad that over the years had learned the fine art of writing a pop song.

The One and Only title may be in reference to God but I always like to think it had more to do with the Newcastle Brown Ale slogan. The album made stride lyrically as songwriters Eric Balmer and Luis Garcia took more control (this would be the last album for lead vocalist Scott Silletta) and infused the lyrics with a growing appreciation for Reformed theology, especially Postmillennial eschatology.

The band was being more and more influenced by the teaching of the late theologian and thinker, Greg Bahnsen. This influence stemmed from the fact that Bahnsen’s son David was also the band’s manager. Like the Supertones, the band began to study deeper theological ideologies and this became an integral part of the bands lyrical output.

The above is most notable in a personal favorite, Playground. The great punk rock groove drives a song criticizing the popular “imminent rapture” and their belief that the world has a long way to go and that the Gospel will accomplish in history its intended purpose.

This change in direction is dealt with “Landmarks.” Other themes include forgiveness, repentance, friendship and God’s sovereignty. The growth is musicianship and lyrical depth allowed the band to create their finest work, which, in the rare case in CCM, also became the bands best selling album.

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