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140. Welcome to Diverse City – TobyMac



I was working at a mainstream radio station in Colorado Springs when a radio promoter came in for his monthly visit with the Program Director. Through the door I could hear a voice that was very familiar but could not place the song. They listened to the song three times in row. It finally hit me…

it was TobyMac!

I knocked on the door and asked if it was indeed T-Mac and the radio promoter smiled at me as I said the Toby was easily one of the best live performers I had ever seen live. My Program Director was not as happy as he wanted nothing to do with a Christian hip-hop artist.

The single in question (which he never did add) was “Gone” from Diverse City, Toby’s second solo release after a decade long monster career with DC Talk. The song was a departure for Toby as it was more “vocally” driven, but would carry a sound that worked well for Toby and would prove to be the first of several straight pop/rock songs.

The album, like all of the Toby’s material, would be known more for hip-hop, soul, funk and heavy rock/rap influenced songs. The latter is an earlier that Mac simply excels in as “Slam” demonstrates. The song, originally recorded for a collection of songs inspired by Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” was also heard on several televised sporting events on ESPN and other outlets including the WWE.

The album also continues Mac’s attempt at racial reconciliation and harmony. This theme, starting with his days in DC Talk, has been a constant and Mac lives this out in his concerts and on his albums by working with a very “diverse” group of talented musicians and artists. On this album alone guests include: T-Bone, DJ Maj, Superchick, Bootsie Collins and a host of others.

  1. Greenchili
    March 9, 2011 at 9:43 am

    This is the slam! This is the one!

    They wouldn’t add “Gone” to the playlist? Inconceivable!

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