124. Satellite – POD



When discussing the best selling albums in CCM history it may surprise many that the rap/core/alternative/funk/world music band from Southtown (San Diego) ranks amongst the most successful. With over 3 million albums sold of just satellite, the band has amassed a wall full of gold and platinum records and has maintained a pretty decent level of success, though never matching what Satellite accomplished. In fact, the album ranked among the Top 200 selling albums of the first decade on the new millenia.

From first to last, this is POD’s most consistent, commercial and powerful album in its catalog. Combining the best of the heavier and darker sounds of Brown and the more progressive and melodic sounds of later releases, Satellite is filled with hit after hit. In the early 2000’s it was almost impossible to turn on a sporting event or wrestling program without hearing POD’s music, especially the first single, Alive.

Alive became a radio, video and specialty programming mainstay. That song was everywhere. The video was great and became regular on regular MTV programming, not just those programs dedicated to more aggressive music. All this while never holding back on the Christian message or presentation, but never sounding preachy or ham fisted.

Boom just kicked ass…period!

Social justice issues as well as difficult teen issues like suicide are addressed here. The most significant being “Youth of the Nation,” another song that received very favorable airplay.  Painting the picture of a lost youth culture the song calls for both repentance and understanding of the struggles of a new generation. Performed in the more hip-hop style the band employed the song became a huge modern rock hit, peaking at number one.

Satellite sports the best line-up for the band as they would soon face some shake-ups and this would cause some musical direction changes. The main change being a shift away from the more hip-core style to a darker, more metal sounding vibe that seemed too far away from the more accessible sound of Satellite.

  1. March 7, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    This album came out as I began my freshman year of high school. I remember when “Alive” hit MTV during that summer of 2001, and the buzz that it generated. I also remember that this album was released on 9/11/01 and that songs like “Youth Of The Nation” became kind of anthems for high school students such as myself who were shaken up by the tragedies of that day!

    Simply put, this is an album that’s impact on the most recent decade to pass us by (2000-2009) cannot be overstated!

  2. Greenchili
    March 9, 2011 at 10:14 am

    From what I understand the band was back to their original lineup on “When Angels And Serpents Dance”.. although it doesn’t reach the quality of this album. That album was released in 2008 although nothing has come out since.

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