11 Thru 500

Before starting the top 10 I thought some of the long time readers might appreciate, and some of the more recent inquirers would find helpful, a rundown of numbers 11 through 500.

  1. The 77’s                                                               All Fall Down
  2. Phil Keaggy                                                         Love Broke Thru
  3. Leslie Phillips                                                      The Turning
  4. Tonio K                                                                 Romeo Unchained
  5. The Altar Boys                                                   GLM (Gut Level Music)
  6. David Edwards                                                  David Edwards
  7. Bob Bennett                                                      Matters of the Heart
  8. The Swirling Eddies                                         Outdoor Elvis
  9. Bob Dylan                                                            Slow Train Comin’
  10. Amy Grant                                                          Lead Me On
  11. DC Talk                                                                 Jesus Freak
  12. Love Song                                                           Love Song
  13. Chagall Guevara                                               Chagall Guevara
  14. DeGarmo & Key                                                               Straight On
  15. Larry Norman                                                    In Another Land
  16. Rick Elias                                                              Rick Elias and the Confessions
  17. Rich Mullins                                                        A Liturgy, A Legacy & a Ragamuffin Band
  18. Daniel Amos                                                       Doppelganger
  19. Bruce Cockburn                                                                Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws
  20. The Call                                                                Reconciled
  21. Barry McGuire                                                   Lighten Up
  22. Lost Dogs                                                             Scenic Routes
  23. Mustard Seed Faith                                        Sail on Sailor
  24. Switchfoot                                                          The Beautiful Letdown
  25. U2                                                                          War
  26. Undercover                                                        Branded
  27. Adam Again                                                        Dig
  28. Benny Hester                                                    Nobody Knows Me Like You
  29. The Choir                                                             Chase the Kangaroo
  30. Russ Taff                                                              Russ Taff
  31. LSU                                                                        Shaded Pain
  32. The Front                                                            The Front
  33. Prodigal                                                                Electric Eye
  34. Caedmon’s Call                                                 40 Acres
  35. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support              Zionic Bonds
  36. Stryper                                                                 To Hell With the Devil
  37. Daniel Amos                                                       Horrendous Disc
  38. Kerry Livgren                                                     Seeds of Change
  39. Burlap to Cashmere                                        Anybody Out There
  40. Paul Clark                                                            Hand to the Plow
  41. Sweet Comfort Band                                      Hearts of Fire
  42. Vigilantes of Love                                            Jugular
  43. Michael Omartian                                            Adam Again
  44. The Violet Burning                                           Strength
  45. Sixpence None the Richer                            Sixpence None the Richer
  46. Ideola                                                                   Tribal Opera
  47. Daniel Amos                                                       Shotgun Angel
  48. Charlie Peacock                                                                The Secret of Time
  49. After the Fire                                                     CBS Recordings
  50. Jerusalem                                                           Warrior
  51. The Alarm                                                           Declaration
  52. T-Bone Burnett                                                 Trap Door
  53. Michael Anderson                                           Sound Alarm
  54. Tonio K                                                                 Notes from the Lost Civilization
  55. Steve Taylor                                                       I Predict 1990
  56. Gospel Gangstas                                              Gang Affiliated
  57. Mute Math                                                         Mute Math
  58. Alice Cooper                                                      The Last Temptation of Alice Cooper
  59. Edin Adahl                                                           Alibi
  60. Jars of Clay                                                          Jars of Clay
  61. Vector                                                                  Mannequin Virtue
  62. Bruce Cockburn                                                                Humans
  63. Phil Keaggy                                                         Sunday’s Child
  64. Lifesavers                                                            Kiss of Life
  65. Matthew Ward                                                 Toward Eternity
  66. The Prayer Chain                                              Shawl
  67. Daniel Amos                                                       Darn Floor, Big Bite
  68. Randy Stonehill                                                 Between the Glory and the Flame
  69. Mark Heard                                                        Satellite Sky
  70. The Innocence Mission                                 The Innocence Mission
  71. Julie Miller                                                          Meet Julie Miller
  72. Bebo Norman                                                    Ten Thousand days
  73. Benny Hester                                                    Benny Hester
  74. 2nd Chapter of Acts/Phil Keaggy                 How the West Was One
  75. Andrae Crouch & the Disciples                   This Is Another Day
  76. Mat Kearney                                                      Nothing Left to Lose
  77. Sweet Comfort Band                                      Cutting Edge
  78. Gentle Faith                                                       Gentle Faith
  79. Charlie Peacock                                                                Love Life
  80. Erick Nelson & Michelle Pillar                      The Misfit
  81. The 77’s                                                               Pray Naked
  82. Children of the Day                                         Come to the Water
  83. The Choir                                                             Circle Slide
  84. Roby Duke                                                          Not the Same
  85. Johnny Lang                                                       Turn Around
  86. Ishmael United                                                 If You Can’t Shout Saved, You’ll Have to…
  87. Malcolm and Alwyn                                        Fools Wisdom
  88. Undercover                                                        Forum
  89. Michael W Smith                                              The Big Picture
  90. John Mehler                                      Bow and Arrow
  91. MxPx                                                    Life in General
  92. Chuck Girard                                      Chuck Girard
  93. Jennifer Knapp                                 Kansas
  94. Sam Phillips                                        The Indescribable Wow
  95. Darrell Mansfield                             Higher Power
  96. Arkangel                                              Warrior
  97. Kerry Livgren/AD                             Timeline
  98. Various Artists                                   At the Foot of the Cross
  99. Neal Morse                                        Testimony
  100. Steve Scott                                         Love In the Western World
  101. Randy Stonehill                                 Return to Paradise
  102. Steve Camp                                        Fire and Ice
  103. Petra                                                     More Power To Ya
  104. Scaterd Few                                       Sin Disease
  105. Pat Terry                                              Humanity Gangsters
  106. Stavesacre                                          Friction
  107. Hothouse Flowers                           People
  108. John Fischer                                       Dark Horse
  109. The Imperials                                     Priority
  110. Rich Mullins                                        Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth
  111. LYRIX                                                     Songs From the Earth
  112. Jon Gibson                                          Body and Soul
  113. 2nd Chapter of Acts                          With Footnotes
  114. POD                                                       Satellite
  115. Iona                                                       The Book of Kells
  116. Rick Elias                                              Ten Stories
  117. T-Bone Burnett                                 Truth Decay
  118. Pierce Pettis                                       Chase the Buffalo
  119. Margaret Becker                              Immigrants Daughter
  120. Lone Justice                                       Shelter
  121. DC Talk                                                 Free at Last
  122. Dashboard Confessional                               Alter the Ending
  123. Syn                                                         A Matter of Time
  124. Resurrection Band                           Awaiting Your Reply
  125. King’s X                                                                Faith, Hope, Love
  126. Plank Eye                                             The One and Only
  127. Amy Grant                                          Age to Age
  128. Adam Again                                        10 Songs
  129. Various Artists                                   Orphans of God – Mark Heard Tribute
  130. Toby Mac                                            Diverse City
  131. Daniel Amos                                       Mr. Beuchner’s Dream
  132. Vigilantes of Love                            Audible Sigh
  133. Lifesavers                                            Us Kids
  134. Poor Old Lu                                         Mindsize
  135. The Violent Femmes                      Hallowed Ground
  136. Kansas                                                  Vinyl Confessions
  137. Kemper Crabb                                   The Vigil
  138. U2                                                          Achtung Baby
  139. Crystal Lewis                                      The Bride
  140. Whitecross                                         Whitecross
  141. Newsboys                                           Going Public
  142. Barry McGuire                                   Seeds
  143. Lost Dogs                                             Little Red Riding Hood
  144. Mark Heard                                        Second Hand
  145. Waterboys                                          Pagan Place
  146. Various Artists                                   City on a Hill
  147. Avion                                                    Avion
  148. David Meece                                     Are You Ready
  149. Flyleaf                                                   Flyleaf
  150. White Heart                                       Redemption
  151. Fleming and John                             Delusions of Grandeur
  152. Tourniquet                                         Psycho Surgery
  153. Jennifer Knapp                                 Lay It Down
  154. Vigilantes of Love                            Killing Floor
  155. Randy Stonehill                                 Equator
  156. Margaret Becker                              Never For Nothing
  157. Magdallan                                           Big Bang
  158. Deliverance                                        Weapons of Our Warfare
  159. Aunt Bettys                                        Aunt Bettys
  160. Terry Taylor                                        Knowledge and innocence
  161. David Mullen                                     Revival
  162. Jacob’s Trouble                                 Knock Breathe Shine
  163. Van Morrison                                    Avalon Sunset
  164. Russ Taff                                              Medals
  165. Daughtry                                             Daughtry
  166. Servant                                                                Rockin’ Revival
  167. Petra                                                     Never Say Die
  168. The Imperials                                     One More Song for You
  169. Ashley Cleveland                             Big Town
  170. David Edwards                                  Get the Picture
  171. Phil Keaggy                                         Ph’lip Side
  172. Cliff Richard                                        Now You See, Now You Don’t
  173. Keith Green                                       No Compromise
  174. Charlie Peacock                                                Charlie Peacock
  175. Derek Webb                                      She Must and Shall Go Free
  176. Resurrection Band                           Lament
  177. FM Static                                             What Are You Waiting For
  178. Over the Rhine                                 Eve
  179. Take 6                                                   Take 6
  180. Living Sacrifice                                   Reborn
  181. 4-4-1                                                      Mourning Into Dancing
  182. 2nd Chapter of Acts                          Mansion Builder
  183. Phil Keaggy                                         Crimson & Blue
  184. Neal Morse                                        Lifeline
  185. Newsboys                                           Love Liberty Disco
  186. Creed                                                    Human Clay
  187. The Throes                                         All the Flowers
  188. White Heart                                       Don’t Wait for the Movie
  189. Plumb                                                   candycoatedwaterdrops
  190. Various Artists                                   Brow Beat
  191. Audio Adrenaline                             Underdog
  192. Prodigal                                                Just Like Real Life
  193. Steve Taylor                                       Squint
  194. Fireworks                                            Shatter the Darkness
  195. Lecrae                                                   Rebel
  196. Bryan Duncan                                    Have Yourself Committed
  197. Jon Gibson                                          Jesus Love Ya
  198. Bloodgood                                          Detonation
  199. Jimmy Hotz                                         Beyond the Crystal Sea
  200. Jeff Johnson                                      Icons
  201. DeGarmo and Key                           This Time Thru
  202. House of Heroes                              Suburbia
  203. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club       Beat the devil’s tattoo
  204. The Rocket Summer                       Do You Feel
  205. Third Day                                             Third Day
  206. Russ Taff                                              The Way Home
  207. Glass Harp                                           Glass Harp
  208. Daniel Band                                        On Rock
  209. In 3D                                                      No Glasses Needed
  210. Bob Dylan                                            Infidels
  211. Amy Grant                                          Behind The Eyes
  212. Vengeance Rising                            Human Sacrifice
  213. Bill Mason Band                                                No Sham
  214. Michael W Smith                              The Michael W Smith Project
  215. Twila Paris                                           The Warrior is a Child
  216. Larry Norman                                    So Long Ago the Garden
  217. Michael Omartian                            White Horse
  218. The All Saved Freak Band             My Poor Generation
  219. Benny Hester                                    Benny From Here
  220. Sheila Walsh                                       Future Eyes
  221. Ark                                                         The Angels Come
  222. Randy Matthews                             Son of Dust
  223. U2                                                          October
  224. The 77’s                                               Sticks and Stones
  225. Bourgeois Tagg                                 Bourgeois Tagg
  226. Robert Vaughn & the Shadows  Love and War
  227. Mad at the World                            Flowers in the Rain
  228. Sweet Comfort band                      Sweet Comfort Band
  229. MC Hammer                                      Hammer, Please Don’t Hurt ‘Em
  230. Oden Fong                                          Come for the Children
  231. World Party                                        Private Revolution
  232. Caedmon’s Call                                 Caedmon’s Call
  233. Tom Howard                                      Danger in Loving You
  234. Sufjan Stevens                                  Illinoise
  235. Adam Again                                        Homeboys
  236. Stavesacre                                          Speakeasy
  237. Edin Adahl                                           X-Factor
  238. Julie Miller                                          Blue Pony
  239. Out of the Grey                                                Out of the Grey
  240. Wayne Watson                                 Watercolour ponies
  241. Larry Norman                                    Something New Under the Son
  242. Mark Heard                                        Ashes and Light
  243. The Swirling Eddies                         Zoom Daddy
  244. Shai Linne                                            Atonement
  245. Midnight Oil                                       Dust and Deisel
  246. Denny Correll                                    Standing in the Light
  247. Robin Lane & the Chartbusters  Imitation Life
  248. TobyMac                                             Tonight
  249. Bruce Cockburn                                                Stealing Fire
  250. Barnabas                                             Hear the Light
  251. Undercover                                        Balance of Power
  252. The Silencers                                     A Letter From St. Paul
  253. Dave Kelly                                           Crowning of a Simple Man
  254. Bride                                                     Snakes in the Playground
  255. Giantkiller                                           Valley of Decision
  256. Precious Death                                 Southpaw
  257. Ginny Owens                                     Without Condition
  258. Mortal                                                  Lusis
  259. The Crucified                                     Pillars of Humanity
  260. Atomic Opera                                    Gospel Cola
  261. Earthsuit                                              Kaleidoscope
  262. Galactic Cowboys                             Galactic Cowboys
  263. The Call                                                                Let the Day Begin
  264. Daniel Amos                                       Fearful Symmetry
  265. Five Iron Frenzy                                                Upbeats and Beatdowns
  266. Vigilantes of Love                            Driving the Nails
  267. The Alarm                                           Strength
  268. Saviour Machine                              Saviour Machine I
  269. Owl City                                               Ocean Eyes
  270. The Winans                                        The Return
  271. Kyle Henderson                                                More Than the Look of Love
  272. The Archers                                        Fresh Surrender
  273. Fred Field and Friends                   Fred Field and Friends
  274. Plank Eye                                             Commonwealth
  275. Mortification                                      Scrolls of the Megilloth
  276. Steve Taylor                                       On the Fritz
  277. Brainchild                                            Mindwarp
  278. 16 Horsepower                                 Secret South
  279. Larry Norman                                    So Long Ago the Garden
  280. Charlie Peacock                                                Everything That’s On My Mind
  281. Starflyer 59                                         Silver
  282. Saving Jane                                         Girl Next Door
  283. Stryper                                                 Soldiers Under Command
  284. Bob Bennett                                      Songs From Bright Avenue
  285. Paramore                                            Brand New Eyes
  286. Mason Profitt                                    I Had a dream
  287. Glad                                                       Beyond a Star
  288. Holy Soldier                                        Holy Soldier
  289. Jacob’s Trouble                                 Jacob’s Trouble
  290. Kerry Livgren/AD                             Art of the State
  291. Leon Patillo                                         The Sky’s the Limit
  292. Bruce Hibbard                                   Never Turnin’ Back
  293. Evanescence                                      Fallen
  294. MxPx                                                    Teenage Politics
  295. Allies                                                     Allies
  296. The Predators                                   Social Decay
  297. Skillet                                                    Comatose
  298. Kenny Marks                                     Right Where You Are
  299. The 77s                                                 Ping Pong Over the Abyss
  300. Resurrection Band                           Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore
  301. The Waterboys                                 This Is The Sea
  302. Sacred Warrior                                  Obsessions
  303. Evie                                                        Mirror
  304. Third Day                                             Time
  305. Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Robin Lane & the Chartbusters
  306. Darrell Mansfield                             Get Ready
  307. John Michael & Terry Talbot        The Painter
  308. Annie Herring                                    Through a Child’s Eyes
  309. Phil Keaggy                                         Town to Town
  310. Mute Math                                         Armistice
  311. Youth Choir                                        Voices in Shadows
  312. Michael Card                                      Legacy
  313. Underoath                                          They’re Only Chasing Safety
  314. Bruce Cockburn                                                In the Falling Dark
  315. Guardian                                             Fire and Love
  316. Bethlehem                                         Bethlehem
  317. First Strike                                           First Strike
  318. Semaja                                                 No Burning Out
  319. Third Day                                             Third Day (Tunesmith)
  320. Idle Cure                                              Idle Cure
  321. Shawn Groves                                   Invitation to Eavesdrop
  322. Kim Hill                                                 Talk About Life
  323. Dave Perkins                                      The Innocence
  324. North Bound                                      North Bound
  325. Simple Minds                                     New Gold Dream
  326. What If                                                 What If
  327. Servant                                                                World of Sand
  328. Dan Peek                                             All Things Are Possible
  329. Relient K                                              mmhmm
  330. Elim Hall                                               Things Break
  331. The Alpha Band                                                Spark in the Dark
  332. 5 O’clock People                               The Nothing Venture
  333. Shout                                                    It Won’t Be Long
  334. Randy Stonehill                                 Thirst
  335. Daniel Amos                                       Vox Humana
  336. Adam Again                                        Perfecta
  337. Michael Roe                                       The Boat Ashore
  338. Mark Heard                                        Stop the Dominos
  339. Andy Pratt                                          Fun in the First World
  340. Altar Boys                                            Against the Grain
  341. Parable                                                 Illustrations
  342. Veil of Ashes                                      Pain
  343. Mr. Mister                                          Welcome to the Real World
  344. Kevin Max                                           The Blood
  345. The Elms                                              Big Surprise
  346. Various Artists                                   Streams
  347. Dion                                                       I Put Away My Idols
  348. DeGarmo & Key                                               Mission of Mercy
  349. Alwyn Wall Band                              The Prize
  350. Los Lobos                                            By The Light of the Moon
  351. Mylon LeFevere/Broken Heart  Sheep in Wolves Clothing
  352. The Echoing Green                          Defend Your Joy
  353. Steve Archer                                      Through His Eyes of Love
  354. Good News                                        Good News
  355. Grits                                                      Art of Translation
  356. Havalina Rail Co                                 Havalina Rail Co
  357. The Way                                              Can It Be
  358. Starflyer 59                                         Leave Here a Stranger
  359. The English band                              What You Need
  360. Ernie and Debbie Rettino             More Than Friends
  361. Dig Hay Zoose                                    Magenta Manta Love Tree
  362. Farrell and Farrell                             Choices
  363. Steve Curtis Chapman                   Beauty Will Rise
  364. Leslie Phillips                                      Beyond Saturday Night
  365. 12 Stones                                            12 Stones
  366. Barnabas                                             Approaching Light Speed
  367. Michael Knott                                    Rocket and a Bomb
  368. POD                                                       Fundamental Elements of Southtown
  369. Dead Artist Syndrome                   Prints of Darkness
  370. Kaja                                                       Crazy People’s Right to Speak
  371. Julie Miller                                          Invisible Girl
  372. Stronghold                                          Fortress Rock
  373. Nichole Nordeman                          Woven and Spun
  374. Barren Cross                                      Atomic Arena
  375. Sarah Laughing                                  Sun and Moon
  376. James Vincent                                   Waiting for the Rain
  377. Pat Terry                                              Film at Eleven
  378. Bob Bennett                                      First Things First
  379. Crumbacher-Duke                           World’s Away
  380. Crystal Lewis                                      Beauty For Ashes
  381. Donna Summer                                                She Works Hard for the Money
  382. JC Power Outlet                                               Forgiven
  383. Vince Ebo                                            Love is the Better Way
  384. In 3D                                                      Barrage
  385. T-Bone Burnett                                 Proof Through the Night
  386. Scott Wesley Brown                       I’m Not Religious
  387. Judson Spence                                  Judson Spence
  388. Curious Fools                                     Curious Fools
  389. Two Pound Planet                           Songs From the Hydrogen Jukebox
  390. PFR                                                        Great Lengths
  391. Walk on Water                                  WOW
  392. Prodigal                                                Prodigal
  393. OC Supertones                                 The Adventures of the OC Supertones
  394. Tim Miner                                           A True Story
  395. John Fowler & Harpoon                                Live
  396. Chris Taylor                                         Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth
  397. Parchment                                          Shamblejam
  398. Keith Green                                       So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt
  399. Collective Soul                                   Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid
  400. Mylon LeFevere                                               Mylon
  401. The Choir                                             Wide Eyed Wonder
  402. Paul Clark                                            Good to Be Home
  403. Dime Store Prophets                      Love is Against the Grain
  404. KJ – 52                                                  It’s Pronounced Five Two
  405. Rick Cua                                               Koo-Ah
  406. Ed Raetzloff                                        Drivin’ Wheels
  407. Randy Matthews                             Now Do You Understand
  408. Kim Boyce                                           Kim Boyce
  409. Isaac Air Freight                                                Fun in the Son
  410. Steve Soles                                         Walk By Love
  411. Jamie Owens-Collins                      Growing Pains
  412. Tommy Coomes                               Love Is the Key
  413. Quickflight                                          Decent Beat
  414. Pilgrim Outlets                                  Do You Know Him
  415. Don Francisco                                    Forgiven
  416. T-Bone                                                 The Hoodlum’s Testimony
  417. First Call                                               Undivided
  418. Wish for Eden                                    Pet the Fish
  419. Michael Been                                    On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough
  420. Sweet Comfort Band                      Breakin the Ice
  421. Bob Dylan                                            Saved
  422. Squad 5-0                                            What I Believe
  423. Jeff Johnson                                      Fallen Splendor
  424. Sometime Sunday                           Stone
  425. Jimmy A                                               Secrets
  426. Chris Eaton                                         The Vision
  427. Carson Cole and RU4                      Mainstreet
  428. Toby Mac                                            Momentum
  429. Common Band                                  Anger Into Passion
  430. LSU                                                        Grace Shaker
  431. Creed                                                    My Own Prison
  432. Thousand Foot Krutch                   Phenomenon
  433. Beau MacDougall                             This Side of Heaven
  434. David and the Giants                      David and the Giants
  435. Poor Old Lu                                         Sin
  436. Lewis McVay                                      Coming Attractions
  437. Jan Krist                                               Decapitated Society
  438. Vector                                                  Please Stand By
  439. Mike Stand                                         Do I Stand Alone
  440. Crumbacher                                       Incandescent
  441. Imitators                                              Once and For All
  442. Jeremy Camp                                    Stay
  443. Scott Blackwell                                  Walk on the Wildside
  444. Hawk Nelson                                     Smile, It’s the End of the World
  445. Black Eyed Sceva                              Way Before the Flood
  446. Mad at the World                            MATW
  447. D-Boy                                                    The Lyrical Strength of One Street Poet
  448. Hokus Pick                                          Snappy
  449. Rick Altizer                                          Blue Plate Special
  450. Waterdeep                                         Everyone’s Beautiful
  451. Silverwind                                           A Song In the Air
  452. Steve Taylor                                       I Want to Be a Clone
  453. Gary Chapman                                  Sincerely Yours
  454. The Kry                                                 You
  455. Honeytree                                          Evergreen
  456. Idle Lovell                                            Idle Lovell
  457. Lights                                                    The Listening
  458. Jars of Clay                                          Good Monsters
  459. Fireworks                                            Sightseeing at Night
  460. Kathy Trocoli                                      Stubborn Love
  461. Mike Warnke                                     Hey Doc
  462. The Lifters                                           The Lifters/That What Love’s About
  463. The Mercy Seat                                                The Mercy Seat
  464. Karen Lafferty                                   Bird in a Golden Sky
  465. Nobody Special                                 Nobody Special
  466. Neal Morse                                        ?
  467. Morgan Cryar                                    Keep No Secrets
  468. Servant                                                                Light Maneuvers
  469. Jon Gibson                                          Change of Heart
  470. Kansas                                                  Audio Visions
  471. Maranatha Singers                          Praise 1
  472. Paul Clark                                            Songs for the Savior 1 & 2
  473. Mark Heard                                        Eye of the Storm
  474. Mark Farner                                       Just Another Injustice
  475. Randall Waller                                   Midnight Fire
  476. Lifesavers                                            Dreamlife
  477. Lone Justice                                       Lone Justice
  478. Seven Day Jesus                               Hunger
  479. Sheila Walsh                                       War of Love
  480. Undercover                                  God Rules
  481. Vision                                            Vision
  482. Various Artists                            The Everlasting Living Jesus Music Concert
  483. Petra                                              Back to the Street
  484. PID                                                 The Chosen Ones
  485. Steve Camp                                   Shake Me to Wake me
  486. Infinity Plus Three                      Setting Yesterday Free
  487. Stryper                                           Yellow and Black Attack
  488. Paul Q Pek                                     Touch the Ground
  489. Weber and the Buzztones           Weber and the Buzztones
  490. Malcolm and the Mirrors           Red Alert
  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    November 18, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    To crib a classic Rock & Roll quote: “What a long, strange trip it’s been!”

    • low5point
      November 18, 2011 at 6:59 pm

      I hope it’s been fun, nostalgic, educational and worthy of everyone’s time.

  2. Tim
    November 18, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Since this countdown started, I have enhanced my Christian music collection (which already numbered over 1000 albums) with 198 albums from this list which I had previously never heard before. It’s been an incredible listening experience, if a bit overwhelming at times. I’m still trying to get through about 100 of the albums. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. November 18, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    It would have even been better if you’d linked them, but I know that’s a ton of work. Thanks for the summary and I hope you do it again when you are done.

    • low5point
      November 18, 2011 at 8:28 pm

      Plus, I have no idea how to do that 🙂

      But at least that little search in the upper right can find them

      • November 18, 2011 at 9:07 pm

        True, but then I have to do the work, the other way YOU have to do the work.

      • low5point
        November 18, 2011 at 9:10 pm

        I now have found a way to quantify the popularity of this blog. I just surpassed 75,000 spam comments!

  4. Charles H
    November 18, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    This list has been a lot of fun. It has brought back some great memories. Some albums/artists I hadn’t listened to in twenty years or more. Some, I had just completely forgotten about.
    Thanks for comprising this. I’m sure it’s been a lot of work. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we, the readers, have.

  5. TeddyLane
    November 18, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    I can’t see Kaiser/Mansfield, Marvin Etzioni and Steve Grace in your list. Why? I think they’re better at what they did than many other “artists” in your list…
    Anyway, I enjoyed it very much.
    P.S. There’s at least one italian CCM artist that deserved to be in your list: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi4uv306Dsw

    • Don
      November 19, 2011 at 7:37 pm

      Is that Keaggy in one of the pictures with Albino?

      • TeddyLane
        December 5, 2011 at 11:36 am


  6. TeddyLane
    November 18, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    And what about Cloud’s Watered Garden (1976)?

    • low5point
      November 19, 2011 at 12:11 am

      I have to own it…sometimes 7,500 albums isn’t enough. Plus I will have a post listing some overlooked titles like Steve Bell, Phil & John, etc…

  7. Greenchili
    November 19, 2011 at 5:34 am

    Sweet! I was just gonna say we are at the top ten! Almost there!

    It’s been a fun ride!

  8. Brett C
    November 20, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Thanks Dave, this will make things easier.

  9. TeddyLane
    November 20, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Please, don’t forget Wovenhand…

  10. Travis
    November 21, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Great list! I strongly agree with Larry’s early albums being on the list. First time I heard his music was a bootleg of “Planet” and was an instant fan. I grew up listening to a lot of Bob (Dylan), so it was very similar in my mind. Over the years I managed to locate most of Larry’s works, including a radio promo CD for Upon This Rock, and Streams Of White Light into Darkened Corners (not easy to locate).

    It’s coming up on four years without Larry if I recall. Man time has gone by. I was thinking it was only two years!! Thanks for the music, miss yah. Glad Larry’s not suffering anymore.

    I was just thinking about Rich Mullins (another GREAT artist). I remember working the gig less than a month before he left this world. That really shocked me having just worked his concert.

    I haven’t really followed how the industry has gone. I worked festivals and gigs for a good number of years. I look at my collection and not many have been from the last 10 years (with a few exceptions). The older works really stick out in my head (Larry, REZ, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, early Petra, Mylon LaFevre…a lot of 70’s and 80’s artists). I think a LOT of those albums stand the test of time on the list.

  11. Don
    November 27, 2011 at 2:44 am

    Guessing at the top 4

    U2 TJT

  12. Brent
    November 29, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Are these in order? Like #1 is the best?

  13. December 6, 2011 at 4:42 am

    I just found this blog…WOW! What a project! This is incredible. THANK YOU!

  14. Don
    January 5, 2012 at 1:49 am

    289 is not So Long Ago the Garden – it is Stranded in Babylon

    (From the caught on a technicality department)

  15. Greenchili
    January 14, 2012 at 5:34 am

    Busted! 😆

  16. February 5, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    A few albums I would have put in the top 500. In my opinion, every one is at least better than Randy Matthew’s Son Of Dust. Not sure how that even made the list.

    2nd Chapter Of Acts – In The Volume Of The Book
    Malcolm and Alwin – Wildwall
    The Way – The Way
    Ron Kenoly – Lift Him Up
    Love Song – Love Song

  17. Kyle H
    April 11, 2015 at 12:54 am

    Dry Bones Dance, argued by many who know Mark Heard’s music to be his best album, is not on the list, but practically every other Mark Heard album is. I’m baffled.

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